Polur Villa

Client:Mr. Abbas Khanjari

Location:Varna Region, Polur,Tehran


Type: Residential

Status:In Process


Polur villa with an area of approximately 550, square meters is located near the village of Mosha on a hill facing the mountain Damavand. Some of the main ideas for design of this villa included: view of the landscape, climate, light, spatial connections and semi-open spaces. Considering the view in the west and good light from south, fractures were made so that all spaces could benefit from both. Small courtyard below ground level was designed to not only create an open but secure space but also to direct light inside pool area. The suspended bridge connecting the dining room terrace with south courtyard, not only emphasizes the connection of two wings, it also frames the view of Damavand, in the below courtyard. Basement Recreation area, ground floor public area and the first floor private area are connected with a suspended staircase.