Namin Hotel

Client:Arta. Co, Mr. FathI

Location:Namin, Ardebil


Type: Public Renovate

Status:Under Construction


Reconstruction of Namin’s hotel was referred to the firm from Arta Industrial group, not long after it was built.  Duo to the Unsuitable form of octagon for the cold climate of Namin, planning the appropriate space within the form that was responsive to the needs of the building, was the main challenge of the design. Therefore, the ground floor, considering its function, other than strong public vertical access, includes lobby, waiting area, service areas and dining. Interior wall’s height is used to magnify the space. In the First to third floor, eight suites, with all the necessary detail, was organized around the void. In the fourth floor a suite for the client, was designed. For the façade with the insistence of the client to reduce costs, original windows, were kept and a second layer was added to the facade. The created depth, helped to design a unique pattern.