Karma, Niavaran Branch

Client:Persian Pars Co, Mr. Jaffarian

Location:Niavaran St, Tehran


Type: Commercial Renovate



In the design of Karma, Niyavaran branch (the first car chain store in Iran), Using the fluidity of vehicle’s form, creating a modern space to fit its users, the delicacy and transparency of architectural elements, avoiding the luxury of space, use of corporate colors, reducing the time and cost of construction were considered. Then, according to design program, at the depth of the space the sales counters in the first look was our host and expert and supervisor’s room next to the waiting area. At the end of the space the suspended wall was designed so that in addition to defining waiting space, it separates the public space from the service space and the stairway. Also the management part was placed on the second floor due to less communication with its customers. Finally, some parts such as the second floor’s roof remained unchanged to reduce costs.