Isfahan Water Museum

Client:Isfehan Cultural Spaces Development



Type: Public



Design of Isfehan mueum of water in front of Farshchian complex started with the aim of emphasizing the importance of Zayanderood River in The establishment and prosperity of the city. Therefore, the interaction between the city and the river became the main concept for the design. The visitor passes through the cracked flooring (referring to the drought water) and cross the entrance of the city, sees a solid volume wich refers to the old and out of sight Isfehan on one side of the river. After that a transparent cube with larger scale covers the initial volum and refers to the new Isfehan that is formed on both sides of the river and is seen. The interior of this cube is a gallery of water related subjects and its concrete walls grew out of a pool of water wich refere to the importance of water in the formation subjects. This gallery space with light passing through the ceiling, other than evoking the spirituality of space, provides the ability to remove moisture and warm air. Finally, other cultural spaces and services with ramps and stairs were placed on the floor of the basement.