Cheshmeh Music School

Client:Mr. Siavash Jafarian

Location:Cheshmeh St, Tehran


Type: Public Renovate



The main challenge for rebuilding of Cheshmeh music school, in support of working children, was creating a sense of space and a memorable experience that would evoke warmth and friendliness. Use of wooden shutters in combination with glass, creates a warm environment as well as adapting to the buildings modern structure. The debate between modern and nostalgic space extends to the interior as it does on the exterior. Thus, with modern interior elements, elements such as bump Wicker stairs, carpets, furniture, paintings and numerous small art have been selected to induce a sense of intimate setting. The lobby space with its small scale, takes advantage of the skylight with a single tree and a high ceiling with stained glass. Finally, according to the design program, management and service area were located in the ground floor and classes on the first floor.