Brilife Curtain Gallery

Client:Mr. Ehsan Izadi

Location:Ruhi Passage, Molavi sq, Tehran, Iran


Type: Commercial



Brilife Curtain Gallery located in Ruhi mall in Molavi Bazaar, is designed with the aim to create an attractive, dynamic and a proper commercial space. In designing of this space, customer and seller area is separated by strong contrast of color in the floor and the density of surrounding shelves in the northern and eastern sides of the shop. However, the design of the ceiling and lighting, keeps the unity of the two areas. The basic idea of design is creating an effective atmosphere to attract customers by using functional space of closets and curtain shelves as aesthetic elements that blend seamlessly with the ceiling and the floor. This has created an impressive functional-formic space. The concept of these elements is opening the curtains to let light in. light manifested in the space, this time by displaying various products.