Andisheh Villa

Client:Mr. Reza Joshaghani

Location:Andisheh, Tehran


Type: Residential



Andisheh Villa in the Andisheh town that was designed for spare time of the client residing in Tehran, has an avant-garde form and creates a dynamic view by changing elements in the facade. The form is divided into two parts in order to receive light and separate functions and the reverse slope of ceilings creates harmony between height of villa and the surrounding neighborhood. Entry space is defined by creating a void in the middle part of the form and a transparent space between the two parts (and louvres behind it). After design of the general form, the building is covered with a pattern of vertical wooden elements that play a role in shading and protection of the building (horizontal texture of galvanized sheet has been selected in order to complete the facade). By opening some part of the shutters, the building shows a variety of different views of facade.